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My Life as a Beer Promoter Documentary

A young Cambodian woman fights for rights for herself and other Beer Promoters in the bars in Phnom Penh.


My Life as a Beer Promoter explores the challenges faced by young women who work in bars and clubs on commission from beer companies, to market and sell beer to patrons.

Chang Sen, like many women beer promoters, comes from a rural village with no education and few prospects of employment.

Although it offers her a subsistence income, she like other Beer Promoters, is vulnerable to unwanted attention by patrons and rejection by family and friends.

After the death of her father, Chang Sen now supports her mother, brother and sister in a one room flat.

Chang Sen is determined to make a change as she works with beer promoters, bar and club owners and beer companies to get better recognition and improved working conditions.


Phnom Penh is a beautiful city with a hard edge.

The victims in this city often come from rural villages with no education and opportunities for work. Young women are especially vulnerable to a thriving sex industry.

Beer promoters are paid by Beer Companies to sell beer directly to patrons in bars and although it is a sales and marketing role it is often perceived as part of the sex industry by patrons.

CARE International is working with a group of  beer promoters to help them negotiate for better working conditions and change the perception of patrons.

Chang Sen is the leader of this group.

CARE International for more information.

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