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Back on Trap Film shot

Men sexually abused as young boys, overcome their isolation and fear to meet other men with similar experiences.


Back on Track is a unique, emotional and uplifting, personal portrait of six men who are victims of childhood sexual assault. It follows their journey after they decide to tell someone what happened to them, and begin to deal with the impact of the trauma in their adult lives.

As they seek help and realize they are not alone, they take the next step and attend a weekend retreat for male victims of sexual assault, "Victims No Longer" held at Maldon Victoria Australia.

We join them as they meet other men like themselves for the first time, and struggle with issues of trust, loss, anger and sharing in a group.

As they begin to find connections with other men they start the next part of their journey, to get ‘back on track’ through the bonds of friendship.



One in six boys is a victim of sexual assault, but men rarely tell anyone until later in life. The men in this film had a dream to tell their stories in a way that would connect to other men who may still be isolated by silence.  

It has been a wonderful experience for us working with the men at all stages of production. We were moved by their openness to ‘tell it like it is’ and show the pain of this experience in their lives and the joy of finding a connection to others.

The result is a film that brings a depth of emotion rarely seen expressed by men.

This film is supported with additional material for the website.

Visit SECASA for more information and to purchase the film.

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