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One Step at a Time Documentary

A day in the life of a sexual assault counsellor reveals the diversity of issues and needs of women dealing with assault.


One Step at a Time follows a day in the life of Jane, a sexual assault counsellor, as she deals with women attending for support at a sexual assault clinic, while also managing demands at home.

This half hour drama is based on interviews of women and counsellors from SECASA (South Eastern CASA - Centres Against Sexual Assault).

This film will be of interest to victims and their families, professionals working in areas where they may have to deal with victims of sexual assault,  and the general public.

We completed a documentary Back on Track which followed the experiences of adult men who were victims of childhood sexual assault.

This film is designed to complement Back on Track with its focus on women. In view of this it was decided to structure the film differently, not as a documentary but as a drama.

Production Notes

One Step at a Time is a dramatic re-enactment of the real personal stories and issues counsellors deal with in a sexual assault clinic.

The film crew and cast of 21 actors worked tirelessly to ensure the performances would be credible to both victims and professionals working in this field.

The film is now used for awareness and professional education. It can be purchased at SECASA website. - www.secasa.com.au.

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