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The Bodhran Project Documentary

Fiddles and Fun capture the spirit, energy and excellence of traditional Irish music in Melbourne.


"Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul" Plato (551-479BC)

Fiddles and Fun is a series of 23 Irish reels and jigs played by a group of outstanding musicians.

You can enjoy it too on the CQLProductions Music Channel on youtube.



As a Bodhrán (traditional Irish drum) player, I have had the privilege of being in a regular session with these musicians. 

So when approached by the owner of the hotel to film a performance I jumped at the chance.

As this generation is now handing over to the next, it is a historical record of how a generation of immigrants keeps traditional music alive in their adopted home.

As a poignant backdrop that highlights the fragility of historical and cultural traditions; it was filmed at the Corkman Hotel, built in 1858 and illegally demolished by developers in 2017.


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