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Club Life Documentary

Reveals the need for community through the characters, friendships and competitive spirit, at a suburban sailing club.


In Club Life, we witness the deep need for community, in how people find connection, meaning and fun at a suburban sailing club.

We find club members obsessed about sailing. For them, the cold, the wet, the bruises, the falls, the money, the time, all seem to be part of the pleasure of the whole experience.

Others don’t like sailing at all. They provide all the support activities on shore. For them, club life is about the friendships forged over decades with young and old having fun together with a good laugh and drink at the end of the day.



This ‘slice of life’ documentary shows suburban Australians enjoying the great outdoors, the highs and lows of competition, the fight and frustrations against the elements, the love of the boats and the equipment, the challenges to master the skills, and of course the friendships and the fun.



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