Nina Christesen

Nina Christesen

Nina established CQL Productions to create films that explore social issues through the personal stories of people.

Nina has a detailed knowledge and experience in all aspects of film production. She has produced, directed, filmed and edited long and short documentaries, dramas and web content.

She has a background in psychology, business and education. After a successful corporate career, she went "back to school' to learn film-making.

As a former Executive, Management Consultant and Lecturer, she is equally capable of managing both the creative and business aspects of a media production company.

Her strengths lie in her ability to successfully manage people, coordinate multiple projects, synthesize ideas into integrated concepts, and deliver the final production on time and on budget.




CQL Productions Film Crew

Film-making is a collaborative process at all stages of development from initial conception, filming and editing to formatting for different means of distribution from broadcast to websites.

We are a small production company, producing cost effective projects. We keep our overheads low by working from networked offices and contracting experienced and talented media professionals and educators, on a project to project basis.

As each project is unique, our production teams reflect that diversity.

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